Book CoverWomen's Voices
From The Western Frontier

Multi-cultural, multimedia panorama of women's voices from the Old American West.

by Susan G. Butruille

Hear the voices! They beckon. Voices calling out from the women who came before us. Such a vivid audience with the past can be gained in by reading Susan Butruille's Women's Voices from the Western Frontier.

I hesitate to admit how long it has taken me to read this book. But, the truth is, I've lingered over it, savored it, enjoyed every word of it. Thank you, Susan, for explaining to me why I think the way I do; why I identify so well with my grandmother; and, why women have struggled the way that they have. All these things I thought about while reading your book. An awakening occurred in my spiritual side while imagining the lives of our past sisters, mothers, aunts and girl-cousins. Because, truly you paint the pictures from the minds of these women who left something behind for us to find.

As a person publishing a newspaper on history, I had always wondered why I didn't know a lot about women - and what parts they play in our past. Oh, you know, I'd heard of Martha Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln, Abigail Adams and a few other women with famous husbands. But, I don't remember once hearing Lucretia Mott's name or even Elizabeth Cady Stanton's name in my American History classes. These women are not the topics in this book, but Susan does write about them in her columns for the Woman's Journal and she knew about them earlier than most women. Most of us haven't a clue. Well, it's my opinion that Butruille is changing that! And, it should be changed. I mean, we all have MOTHERS, and don't we want to know the heritage that is ours by birthright?

Just out of curiosity (that's been my biggest problem, my dad told me), when I was at the library last time I typed Butruille into the computer and it told me both Women's Voices books, are there - 19 copies of the Western Frontier and seven of the Oregon Trail. That's how many the Multnomah County Library System owns. Well, all but three of the 19 copies were Checked OUT and only two of the Oregon Trail books were currently available. Proof positive that her books are being read.

And, my suggestion to all - men and women alike - read this book. It's a fun read and it will cause you to ponder all that you've been told about the works of man (and woman). The stories told will not make the sexes less understanding of each other, but instead will bind us together as we have not been in at least a millenium. Why not start out the next in step? Butruille has the keys to the past, I encourage you, us, to use them. ~Bridget E. Smith, Historical Gazette

Non-fiction, women's issues, western history, multi-ethnic history
Index, 323 pages, many Illustrations, photos, end notes
Great bibliography
Trade paperback 6 X 9 inches (1994)
Paperback, ISBN 1-886609-00-4 $16.95
Publisher Tamarack Books, Inc.
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